Small MySQL database for exam

Small MySQL database for exam

Data base is for exam and is required for me to pass the subject. It has to be done by 20th september. It should contain some random data like 5 names or so. I don't need anything special just for it to be working database with requirements met which are written bellow.


The quest is:

Make database in mySQL. Create form for data entry in that base and execute PhP communication with the base. Make data entry by clicking on button on that database (like that button login on facebook front page I asume) . Also define button for erasing all data from database.

Must be: Send work as a zip archive that contains .php file as well as exported data base.

Skills Required

Mysql Php Java Programing Database


order me now
please inbox after order ..


i can do this in my free time. the 13$ is if it is not lot of work (like big / much data).

i am an experienced developer (php, mysql(i), html, css, js etc.

i will provide only .php (little bit styled with html) and a .sql file you can upload directly to your database.

i can do this for you.

hello sir,

i am ready for works.


i think i ca help you properly.

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