Photo voting php script, on joomla platform

Photo voting php script, on joomla platform

Little Php Script to run on Joomla platform

Vote for your favorite Image Competition Script

Script will allow members who want to participate in the Competition to:

Period 1 - Submit images
Participant will submit their images until cutoff date.

Period 2 - Vote for favorite image
Members that want to vote can
1) Vote for their favorite of 2 images that are randomly display from the Database
2) Save the two images, display two new random images, Vote and Save
3) Repeat step 2 above until all images in the Database have been Voted on.

Period 3 - List images
At the end of the voting period
List images based on the number of vote
The image with the most Vote Wins the Competition


PHP, SQL, Already familiar with Joomla

Skills Required

Php Sql Phpscript Joomla


i can develop the image voting script and integrate with your joomla website.

(voting script is ready)

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