Update WordPress plugin widget and add randomization

Update WordPress plugin widget and add randomization

There's an old Wordpress plugin I like and want to add a feature to, but I've been unable to reach the original author. I'm not planning to sell it or anything, but I'd like this for my own personal use.

The plugin is the Amazon Showcase available at . It allows you to create "showcases" of Amazon products and display them in a widget. Currently you can only pick a showcase for display, but I'd like it to display a random showcase chosen from a checkbox list of existing showcases.
Other refinements I'd like include:

  • being able to set the default Amazon Associates id in the general settings, instead of for each individual showcase (although you should still be able to edit the id on a per showcase basis)
  • being able to set the default item display template in the general settings, and have it load when adding new items instead of editing it every time
  • I'd like to be able to associate a showcase with a category, so I can modify the template to show the associated showcase on the category display pages
  • Whatever else needs to be done to bring the plugin up to date and make it secure

Please don't be put off by my low maximum bid



Skills Required

Php Wordpress



i am ready for works.


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