I need Some one to create small shell script

I need Some one to create small shell script

i need some one who can put few linux comend into a shell scrip so i dont have to submit the same thing over and over. it will have ffmpeg coomend for changing the metadata, mplayer command for tacking screenshoot keep few screenshot and delete rest of them and few other thing.


first run this commend -- ?ffmpeg -i *.mp4 -vcodec copy -acodec copy -metadata title="example" -metadata comment="example" [script will ask for name].mp4

than -- delete the orginal file and keep the new creted file

-- player -nosound -sstep 20 -vo png *.mp4 take screenshotwith this scrip this screep shood run for 5/7 second

-- delete 00001.png file

run -- montage *.png -tile 4x4 -geometry 300x+0+0 screencaps.png

than keep 00007.png,000010.png,screncap.png,screncap2.png and mp4 file and delete rest of them


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