Ongoing WordPress Admin

Ongoing WordPress Admin

Ongoing WordPress Administrator, for an exiting website ($50 Monthly or Less)

See sample:

Description of website (Needing to meet the objective)

1. Bringing awareness on strokes & dementia (Cancer, MS and other Disabilities)
2. Family & Elderly Law resources
3. Guardianship & Guardianship Complaints Resources
4. Family Dynamics Vs. Family Mediator (Within Elderly Crisis)
5. Dementia Local & Global Workshops (Online Webinars)
6. Advocacy Local & Global Workshops (Online Webinars)
8. Volunteer Advocates Needed
9. Elderly Protection (Awareness & Workshops)

Objective of the website:
1. Funding for 501 (c) 3 start-up (Online, Local and Global Ministry - Vivid Memories)
2. Sponsorship for Online Webinars - Educational Adobe Rooms
3. Sponsorship for Online and local radio for awareness
4. Sponsorship for Local Computer Labs (Senior Citizens Awareness)
5. Caregiver sponsorship & workshops for respite



1. Must be able to setup auto-post plugin
2. Must be a visionary
3. Must be able to make suggestions
4. Preferred (Journalist, Blogger, Researcher, Web Developer, PR skills)
5. Must US Citizens
6. Must speak English clear (saving time to understand)
7. Must be familiar with WordPress - Unity Campaign funding themes
8. Note: Will not be able to use ftp (Until trust is built)
9. Must be proficient with WordPress CMS- Platform

Skills Required

Wordpress Adobe Blogging Graphic Design Editing Scripting Plugins Modules Php Visionary Professionalis Pr


i'm used to wordpress and to some sucessful websites!
right now i'm building my new one, so on i have time to help you, anything just contact.

ongoing wordpress admin

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