Advanced imacros script

Advanced imacros script

I i'd like a macro with the following tasks:
-start every time the ip is changed (otherwise it should warn me i don't how we need to figure out)
-close all tabs go to url
-wait the page is full loaded or best ads loaded otherwise stop
-click on ads 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,etc... every time close tabs (click possibly in different places or page every time)
-need variable speeds to be seem as human
-need to be controlled by times zone because in the night i want less clicks less activity
-above all i want to be able to customize that for new ads

-can you set different user agents every loop (like I'm doing now with user spoofing)
-can you empty all cookies e cache every time?
-infinite loop

need to have a chance to customize it for the next


Post your reply only if you are experienced please. I already had a bad experience with some seller here.

Skills Required

Alexa Alexareduce Google1stplace Google1stpage Backlink


ciao sono italiano posso creare uno script imacros con tutti i requisiti che hai chiesto ordina ora!

i will make simple website for you

i've something like this prepared to be delivered in 2 days

fast and real work ! i buy this script $50 . so i give you this script for $5

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