PHP Script like

PHP Script like

Hello all

I need php script like
It must work with with hosting check if script is going to work on their server.:

PHP 5.4
Mysql 5.5.38
Safe mode off
Register_globals off
Open basedir on

Each ad contains a special link called a referral link, this means every time you show an ad you are not only earning triple advertising exposure, but you are also promoting your own viral marketing system. If somebody joins via your referral link you will earn an instant advertising bonus, you will also earn extra advertising every time they show an ad, and it doesn't stop there. If somebody joins via your referrals link you gain another instant advertising bonus, and even more residual advertising. This carries on for 5 levels giving you an incredible massive passive viral advertising system.

Please show me the demo off the script.



Skills Required

Php Codeigniter Laravel Php5 Cakephp


i am a php programmer and developer.i create website,fix bugs, test web application and anything similar, i will solve it for you as quickly as possible.i do all productive works and deliver in no time

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