AVArcade 5.8 - Mods |

AVArcade 5.8 - Mods |

Hello, I have a Av Arcade website. Based on ( Version 5.8!

I will need you to tweak my website and add a lot of new features... You will need to understand the system.

I will list the following features i want added:

1) User Chat System... once they are logged in they can chat with there username and guests can join chat should be next to the game or underneath the game depending on how big the game is. If you can make it where someone clicks on the username it will bring them to there profile. Like Kongregate!
2) Store - users can redeem there coins (by playing games) so they can win prizes and cool stuff
3) Lottery - users can buy a lottery ticket and win
4) Login Popup - users can login faster instead of loading the login.php. Pop up that logins them in
5) Level System - Once users has reached a certain amount of points they will rank up, max rank 50. 1k = 1 rank
6) Moderator Panel - Admins will be able to create normal users moderators who can view the reports and ban users
7) Online/Offline - Users will be able to see if they are online when they go to their profile (green dot)
8) Premium Users - Users will pay $10 to become a PRO user and they will get NO ads and a special icon on there profile and in the chat rooms
9) Developers - if a user has uploaded a game they will receive a specail icon on there profile and in the chat rooms
10) Show Friends on Profile - When user goes to profile of someone they will be able to see the avatars of there friends
11) Avatar gallery - Users will be able to choose a certain avatar to use instead of everyone using the default
12) Improve Template - Make better add a couple features
13) Infractions/Bans - Instead of Perma Ban which is now i want the option to ban for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or forever
14) Only Allow users to click max of 2 ads per day... (Click Bombing)
15) Username Colors - Make Admins - Red, Moderators - Orange, Premium - Blue, Member of Week - Gold, Member (normal) - Black, Banned is borwn
16) Username - Allow users to add a glow(green/pink) to there user name for $5/year - free if you are pro user
17) Member of the week - most active user/most game plays - can only be won once every 3 months! {makes username title gold}


We will discuss each mod into further detail. Must blend into my template!Skills required:


Complete all 18 tasks!

Skills Required

Php Html Ajax Javascript Mysql Database Css


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hope you understand

experienced over php database driven programming and web application development ..expertise on writing code for plugin development ,module development and implement perfect design pattern..

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