College project in sql/php

College project in sql/php

I will share the details of the system I need to be developed and please tell me your cost about it and how much time you will need. Of course I don't care about the design, just need the code to work. If you find missing information, just use your imagination (and make a note about it), as it doesn't matter.

The concept is a system for a company of mobile services. I need to save the following information:
-For each branch of the company, the name and the address
-For each employee in the company the name, the surname, id number, salary, dependents of family (full name, gender, and age). The employee are separated into two categories
a) administrative, where the system saves information about their degree (title, university and the date of acquisition)
b) technicians, for whom the system saves information on specialty and years of service
-For antennas of the company. The system saves the name, address and antenna type
-For each customer the name, the address, the ID number and the profession.
-For each phone number of the company, the system saves the number, the code number (puk1 and puk2) and if it is with a contract or prepaid.
-The system saves information on the various billing packages. The name, the minutes of free calling and the sms messages, the fixed price, and the price charged for the above talk time and the same for the messages.
-For each failure / repair that takes place in the company's network. When done, in what antenna, what kind and what the officials who fixed it.
-Accounts. The billing amount, date of release, payment date and in what number and client it belongs.

-A customer belongs to one and only one branch. A branch has at least two employees.
-A branch has one and only one official as a director and a employee is at most one branch manager.
-A number is associated with only one customer but a customer can has several numbers.
-An employee can repair many antennas and antenna can be repaired by many employees.
-An antenna is 'owned' by only one branch and a branch may have multiple antennas.
-A customer who has a contract has signed only one contract with a staff member of the company and this contract will belong to one of the connection packages.

The system will support:
1. Inserting and deleting of the above categories.
2. Interface for the inserting of the minutes of free talking and number of sms that a phone number has used. The billing amount will be calculated as
Amount = fixed price + [(total_minutes-free_minutes) / 60] * extra + [sms_number - free_sms_number] * sms_charge
3. Automatically reduce the fixed price by 10% when completed one year connection
4. For each contract renewal the ammoun of subsidy will be calculated and displayed on the screen. The subsidy amount is derived as follows subsidy amount=last_year_bill_sum*0.12
5. Centralized reporting for new contracts and prepaid numbers given, that are being done in each branch in a month.
6. Centralized reporting for each branch receipts in a month.
7. Centralized reporting for the prepaid renewals done in every branch in a month.
8. Centralized reporting for each employee regarding a) the new contracts done and b) the prepaid renewals done

This is a non-profit project, so there is a limit in the budget. Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Kind regards


someone experienced in php/sql. There is a possibility that I can share examples of the work needed.

Skills Required

C++ C# Php Java Wordpress


definitely want to complete your college project, i have good knowledge in php/sql with an attractive design, and i will assure you will be satisfied with my work

i will make on web database management system

i have good knowledge in php and sql i can complete this within 6 days. reply me if you are interested

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hi, i am a php developer with advanced mysql knowledge. after thoroughly reading your requirements, i can assure you that i will be able to deliver in 4 days. if you need, i can use twitter bootstrap for designing which will make the site responsive as well. i have previously successfully completed similar tasks. kindly send me a message


i can develop the project exactly the way your professor wants it !

message me for more details.

full school management system for students, teachers, parents.
admin panel and much more.
price can be up down after talking.

i am experienced php programmer working for an international company and am just starting to get into free lancing. your project seems fun and i am confident i can complete it withing the deadline.

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