a replica of a website

a replica of a website

I need a replica (with some minor changes) of a website that runs on javascript.


It could be hosted on a free website hosting service, as long as it doesn't make it obvious that it is being hosted on a free web hosting site in the url/subdomain. (ex:")

There is a login screen before you can get into the full website, so preferably if I can get the login screen and the ability to 'login' to the site, that'd be ideal.

I need all of the website's key features and links replicated, so it's as realistic and close to the original as possible. Basically, it needs to be the exact site without the same url (or close to it).

I've done website development before so I know it's not hard, but I'm in a time crunch and am too busy to do it myself.

Thanks in advance!


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