Tournament Website w/ Features ( Example: Fortnite )

Tournament Website w/ Features ( Example: Fortnite )

I need a really cheap basic website creation please be cheap and affordable. I just need it to be simple and quick, please. If we can make a weekly payment plan I would love to do that and I would love to work with you long term so I can pay you to add more features after the first version of the website is created.


- Create a good looking homepage
- Create a reporting system where they can report if they win or lose. Have it where if both teams report the same victor they would be automatically advanced.
- Admin login feature so I can create brackets and put teams in seeds for a bracket. With an ability for me to change the victor of the match, ability to advance people. An option to edit tournament name and info for prize, rules, and etc.
- Profile Tab where it shows the players Record of wins and loses. Shows Gold, Silver, Bronze trophies and next to it would be how many they have if they got 1st,2nd, or 3rd in a tournament. Have a feature of what their rank is based on other players.
- Leaderboard tab to show who has most wins, most trophies, and most matches played.
- I want the website to be similar to this website ( )

Skills Required

Php Wordpress Woocommerce Jquery Ajax


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as per your description, i am good to go with this work.

i can see that you are looking for a team or person who can accomplish your work with great finishing and creativity then we are the most talented team to approach.

we have a specialty in this kind of work. &nb

i am bhavini patel. i have 2+years experience in wordpress php developing site with technology like html,html5,php,jquery,ajax,css.
i will do this job in $45.

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