Call to eBay for me

Call to eBay for me

Hi guys,

I'm outside the US and can't talk in English very good so I need your help.

I want you to call eBay's Vetting Department at 866-492-3229 and ask them to increase selling limits for my account: puregreensoftware

If you're a little intimidated by what I said about calling eBay, let me put your mind at ease
right now: It's nothing to be worried about! As long as you remember this, you'll do just fine:

• You're calling to increase your monthly selling limit
• You're an author and want to sell ebooks
• You're expecting to sell 100-200 ebooks a month
• You're gong to sell your ebook for somewhere between 18 and 25 dollars.

Just keep that list in front of you when you call, and when they ask, simply answer using that
info. That's all there's to it.



See the description.

Skills Required

talking english


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