Need 2 Songs Edited

Need 2 Songs Edited

I need 2 songs to be edited so it is radio friendly. I do not just want the bad words blanked out, I want them to have effects to them to make it sound good. If you can do that, I have plenty more songs that need editing, so you can be a person i go to whenever I need songs edited


I need 2 Songs editied so it is radio friendly
All curse words and inapporiate words to be edited
I do not want them to be blanked out, but I want effects with them, (such as slowed downed, or echoed, etc)

Skills Required

Music Editing audio


i will muted and add an effect of some sort where the curse words are.

i will be able to do this at the price of $5 per song if you have the instrumental and the vocals separated into different files.

if it is not i can't ensure i will be able to do it. if i can i will most likely charge more because i will be doing a lot more wo

i am experienced video and audio editor and i can do this job for you.

will be done fast

hi, i've been experienced in audio editing for almost 13 years. i work as radio announcer and radio production department. i will slow down or echoed the curse words only for 3 dollars( 1,5 dollar/song). just give me the word list..and i will make it radio friendly very soon...(within an hour)

i can bid $30 each song ($60) i work for a record label/studio in colorado. i have important business going on this week i could get started on it sunday june 16th (father's day) it should take no longer than a week. i can throw in a bunch of extra touches (things that studios would charge an arm and leg for we are talking

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