CAD CNC 3D picture x2 , prepare 3D Model for CNC from my 2D Drawings and Specs

CAD CNC 3D picture x2 , prepare 3D Model for CNC from my 2D Drawings and Specs

I have a stainless steel item that will be cut by CNC personnel and its small 30-40mm width and 25mm tall, cicular with some tapering and design parts like bicycle spokes, there is a bottom half that must be a separate part or joined to the top picture. I am in final sketch phase and this will be completed by the time the 3 days is up.

I have all measurements and crude drawings , they are not technical drawings but they are descriptive and I can explain clearly , I have made these same drawings into 3D models before with the help of those who know auto-cad or a program that can EXPORT in
and will be recognized with PRO-E CNC software.

There are simple geometric cuts that are circular and center is hollow.
I have previous physical models that can share to explain as well.

There are 2 pages , 2 pictures to create and combine them into one piece.


and will be recognized with PRO-E CNC software.

You must not have any problem with the way I write to you and your comprehension of those words is very important. Its not that hard, I have done some crude CNC technical drawings in much lesser programs. I need you to be almost at an expert level, it's just because you have to be able to see the 3D aspect with me. I can show you demo parts.

You must not be using sketchup or a 3D printer software.
You must be using a software that will not require my engineers to have to re-interpret the drawing and correct problems like not having curves when your drawing has curves.

The rate I am offering is the same I would offer someone here, it's fair. Don't low ball me for $10 if you suck but just want the gig, I will not allow that to happen. If you are good, be good, be proud of your ability, show me your work. If you need more, tell me why. I am reasonable , I am also at a very narrow budget, I only make a few hudred of these things each time, they are not high dollar things, they just appeal to hobbyists in a very unpopular field.

Please understand that I made these 2D drawings in Photoshop, and then added the measurements next to the parts.

You must be also NDA bound , I really need you to not ever share these drawings and plans. You will send me the finals at the end , and trash the rest. You cannot show these in your portfolio ever to anyone. I am sorry about that but it is a requirement.

Do great, I'll come back .
If you do not do a good job with me, I will not pay. SEO CLERKS will back me up because I have spent a lot of money to hiring users and sellers here and I will need you to be a professional , I am not being unnecessary , I am not going to work you so hard at all, this is really just buying your time and knowlege of a program, I am not hard to work with unless you are crappy at your craft, then we will have a problem. I will not change my mind 100 times, I know exactly what I would like you to make.

Skills Required

Cad Autocad 3d Modeling Cnc

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