I want to send mass emails.

I want to send mass emails.

Hi~ everyone.

I want to send mass emails but not monthly subscribers.
Total emails around 500,000 emails.
I want to send 10k~50k emails per a day.
But everyday should be diffrent email address.
My email spam score is 0.
Is here anyone who can send bulk emails?

Thanks in advance.


SPF, DKIM problem should be solved.
I want to get a report after send bluk emails.(email address verify)

Skills Required

Bulk Email


i have 1,000,000 (one million) emails facebook active users for email marketing job.
please contact me if you are interested

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    hello sir
    there's a good experience for my e-mail you can order

    i have an application that can send bulk emails you can use it and send as much as you want. so you have no need to hire someone you just need this application and a high speed internet connection
    thank you.

    i will make simple website for you45

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