Excel Macro VBA Tracker needed Guys on urgent basis

Excel Macro VBA Tracker needed Guys on urgent basis

I have a excel tracker
Explained below

Free = available in the market any one can buy
Auction = only can be purchased under auction

Cycle is explained as below
0-90% = free
90.01% and above =Auction ( when goes back)
85 to 100% = auction
84.99 to 0 = free
0 - 90% = free
and the cycle continues

when the trend is reverse say from 90% and above to less than 85% Auction stops only when the limit reaches below 85% and auction will start again at 90% only ( so start and stop auction is not at same limit, every time limit reaches 90% auction start and when it goes back to 85% it Free) .
u can use macro, excel , vba, macro stamping anything i just need a solution.


Above Condition must be satisifed

Skills Required

Ms Excell Excel Office Msofficem Msoffice


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