300 Upvotes "appreciations" on

300 Upvotes "appreciations" on

We have an article on

We would like to "upvote" it via their "Appreciate This" button.

They seem to track IP addresses and perhaps cookies, but it is possible to vote more than once if you clear cookies, and sometimes need to change your IP address.

We are looking for someone who can upvote the article over the course of 1-2 weeks (not too fast, not all at once).


If we agree on a price and you can't deliver the full amount, then we can pay you a pro-rated amount. For example if you only deliver half of the upvotes, you get paid half the agreed upon amount.

The upvotes have to stick and your work can't penalize the article in any way.

Also, this is a confidential project. You may not use it as a reference and cannot tell anyone else about it.

Please write back for more details if you need them. We are pretty flexible and it helps if both of us agree upon terms before hand.

Skills Required


300 upvotes "appreciations" on for $40

320 upvotes "appreciations" on

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