Photo researcher / finder

Photo researcher / finder

I am a portrait artist who needs tons of photos of the subject to sculpt a life-size version of the person. I need someone to find hi-resolution photos of Kim Jong Il (former North Korean President). I need at least 30+ hi-resolution photos (size~1800kb and up) either from the internet or scanned. Among the hi-res photos, I need a profile (both left and right), 3/4 right, 3/4 left, and a direct front shot of his face.

In addition, I need at least 100+ photos ranging from large to medium size 1800kb -700kb. I need various 360 views of Kim Jong Il's face.

All photos must be a face photo- up to the collar bone. I do not care for full body shots or his body. The photos should capture Kim Jong Il at around the age of 40s-50s. Please use the attached image as reference. If you find other photos of him at different ages, it is acceptable. However, 80% of the images should try to stay in his most recognized age which is during his 40s-50s. Any expression is fine, but regular neutral faces are best.

Copyrighted photos are okay, since I am only using them as reference and won't be re-posting them publicly. I would like to find someone who I can regularly delegate photo researching to on a regular basis.


I need someone who speaks English fluently and can deliver photos quickly. It would be a bonus if you can speak.write in more than 1 language to search for the subject matter on different search engines.

If you can clean up certain photos or know photoshop that would be a plus.

If you can guarantee more photos, that would be a huge plus and incentive to work with you again.

If you have access to 1000+ photos of celebrities or historic figures, then this job is perfect for you.

I would like the photo package to be delivered no later than 5 business days.

Photos must be in JPEG. If somehow they are in tiff or raw format then there must be a duplicate jpeg copy for easy access.

Skills Required

Html Css Graphics Seo Programming


we can get the photos delivered for you sir

dear client, i can manage that. i know how to use photoshop as well. i am ready as soon as you hire me. thank you.

i will do your research for you, download all photos related to your description after which i will upload it and send to you. if you want, i can also enhance photos that need enhancement, although this will increase the time i will use in delivering the work. hoping to hear from you.

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