Build Safe 4-Tier Link Pyramid

Build Safe 4-Tier Link Pyramid


I am looking for someone to help me build a 4-tiered link pyramid with the following structure:

Tier 1 (all manually created, original, perfect-English, non-spun content)

  • 5 web 2.0s (e.g. blogger, tumblr, etc) with a 500-word article and picture
  • 5 PDFs (500-words) shared on doc sharing sites (different title, description, keywords for each)
  • 1 video shared on 5 video sharing sites (different title, description, keywords for each)
  • 30-50 social signals to money site (Facebook shares, Tweets, ReTweets, +1's)
  • 20 manual blog comments on high PR, niche-specific blogs

Tier 2 (spun content, links dripped over time, not blasted in 1 day)
  • 30 web 2.0s
  • 100 article submissions
  • 5000 blog comments

Tier 3 (spun content, links dripped over time, not blasted in 1 day)
  • 2000 wiki links
  • 5000 blog comments

Tier 4
  • 10000 miscellaneous links

VERY IMPORTANT: I will need a spreadsheet completed with all of the login details for the tier-1 links (i.e. web 2.0s, PDF sharing sites, video sharing sites) so that I can change, remove them if necessary.


  • Ability to write quality articles in perfect English
  • Knowledge of creating web 2.0s, sharing PDFs, uploading videos
  • Social media marketing experience - Know how to safely use social signals pointing to a money site
  • Ability to write meaningful blog comments for tier 1 links
  • Access to article spinning software for tier 2, ,3, and 4 links
  • Access to link-building software (e.g. GSA, SENuke, etc.) for tier 2, 3, and 4 links
  • Good organization skills to keep track of all accounts created and all links being built

Skills Required

Seo Sem Socialmedia Index


order us
we will do tier 1,2,3 with latest update of hummingbird
3 year experience in seo with white hat

we can build this 4-tier link pyramid as you mentioned .

we have a team of 15 members who will handel all the manual work ( web2, pdf, social share, blog comments ... etc ) and dedicated servers with all required seo tools ( senuke, gsa, scrapebox, wikirobot ... etc ) .

also we can deliver multiple orders on same

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