Google Page 1 for 1 keyword

Google Page 1 for 1 keyword

I want Google Page 1 for my 1 keyword

I will provide 3 keyphrase, search engine name and my site name. Orders complete even if only 1 keyword is ranked No.1. So i give you 3 options

I will allow 20-30 days to you. If my site is not shown on Page 1 for the keyphrase then I want 100% REFUND.

Please read once again 100% refund if site not ranked on page 1, means top 10 ranking. You should mark order completed only if it has ranked on page 1 or its in top 10 ranking, for any 1 of my keyword.

I have lots of keyphrase and number of website. I will pay maximum $30 for 1 keyphrase for 1 site .

I am not concerned at all with what you are doing. I am concerned ONLY with result. ( Yes no black hat technique , if you wont to do long work with me )

I am not much interested in doing any changes on my site, like meta tags or anything else. If compulsory we will discuss it.

Serious and experienced SEO experts , who can take up this as a challenge, can PM me directly on SEOclerk on my ID. Please don't post message below, contact and PM directly on SEO CLERK


same as above


do you want to get on google page 1? --- this seo website report helps you to optimize your web page and compare it to the current top 10 websites for your specific keyword. --- use the suggestions in the report to get a high ranking on google for the search term or keyword you want to get to google page 1.

need to get your site on the page 1 google? i will help you because since 2009 i have been involved in the seo world and has been serving about 200 websites.

i will get you site in top 10 within 2 to 3 weeks proven method
1 st you have to deposit the money.. no one will agree to work without payment

i will boost your search engine results page rankings to google's top 10 with two to three weeks using senunke xcr and several custom panda and penguin compatible / friendly templates. contact me for details or simply order.

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