need indexer and bad link removal

need indexer and bad link removal

I have website lots of existing backlinks

i read that upto 75% of backlinks are not indexed so you miss out on traffic, so im looking for software to automatically index my existing backlinks to major search engines or others.

But it needs to index my links not just create new ones.
Im new to this so need some advice too

I think i might have some bad backlinks too so need to know how to identify and remove these


need software or access to service
need advice on removing or finding bad backlinks

Skills Required

seo backlink index


have a wonderful day.

i am highly interested to know more details about bad link removal from search engine result pages. i have been working to remove bad links from search engine result pages for the last 3 years. i have deleted 3 bad links from serp (made distance from home page of search engine result pages- like 10 pages more positio

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