Backlinks needed for 11 webshops @ 11 different locations

Backlinks needed for 11 webshops @ 11 different locations

I am the main developer of 11 similar webshops which sells cosmetic products. They are in 11 different languages spread over Europe. We have improved significant the pages with the right content, headers, keywords and header tags, but it's time for referral links/backlinks that will point out to these domains.

Some domains need more backlkinks than the other, but you will see this when we share the domains.

Languages Domains: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italy, Greece, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway


What is important, they need to be linked with:

  • sites that are related to cosmetics or web shops
  • a site that is from the same (European!) country
  • we focus mainly on 2 pages per domain (home and shop page)
  • We do not prefer (long) blogs, but if you need small pieces of content, we can provide.
If you feel you can do a few because you speak the language, no problem. You can bid for just a specific domain. Please let us know how many backlinks you can add.

The price is flexible, please bid what you think is appropriate.

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