Need Backlinks for my website to increase high domain authority

Need Backlinks for my website to increase high domain authority

I have my website, which I want to make DA high, right now DA is 14 I want more than 50+, my website is niche software development. And I just want to increase the DA of my website.
NOTE: I only want backlinks related to my niche.


only niche related backlinks are required for my website (my niche is Software Development)

Skills Required

backlinks guest guestpost seo


objective: to increase the domain authority (da) of your website from 14 to over 50 by acquiring high-quality, niche-related backlinks within the software development industry.

timeline: implementing these strategies typically requires consistent effort over several months to yield significant results. however, the timeline may vary depending on

dear concern,
i will do several types of off-page backlinks for ranking your website within a short time. please allow me to do this job. i have done a lot of jobs like this. you can trust me.

i have this technology niche site:

domain authority - 59

i will create blog pages for your website, each 5 quality articles, each article with 2 keywords.

please check following blog pages what we done earlier.



  • i will gave you best backlinks for your website niches high
  • are you interested
  • i am provide 5 bscklanks

hello najamadeel,

i hope this message finds you well. my name is [your name], and i am the founder of [your website], a platform dedicated to software development excellence. with a current domain authority (da) of 14, we are fervently striving to elevate our online presence and establish ourselves as a prominent authority in the industry.


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