Links on Jewish sites

Links on Jewish sites

I have a new site, and i want to get it out there.
I am looking for someone to post the links on 50+ Jewish orthodox websites.
they can be sites of any topic as long as they are Jewish and orthodox/modern orthodox/chasidish/chabbad along those lines. The best would be somewhere visible. Not just in comments where it will eventually vanish.


I will give you the link and a short description
you get the link posted on their site under links or somewhere highly visible
you send me a list of sites its on
they should only be Jewish sites, preferably orthodox sites

Skills Required



hi, i work as a website/fan page promoter with a friend, so it would be a pleasure to help you increase your website by posting links in jewish and orthodox sites

just order and pm m, and i will start the work. the gig is 100% guaranteed, if you are not satisfied i will pay you back .

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