SEO artilce submission

SEO artilce submission

If you start work must be (and we will check that every day):
Anchor text distribution must be as follows:Link profile must be around this figures:
Anchor text %:
Exact match 18%
Phrase: 17%
Brand: 28%
URL: 20%
Generic, synonyms etc. 17%
Links with PR1 40 to 50%
PR1 30%
PR2 15%
PR3 10%
PR4 5%
PR5 3%
PR5 and over 1%
not exact but around this figures. Once more only from niche sites, and not from only one geo location (we have some experience with some firmy form India. They buils links mostly from india sites).
Links in footer or on the site also. Only links in body that looks natural to engines.
Linking to link farms, unrelated sites (sites that are not in the field, niche) also. So only, travel, tourism, hotel etc.
Low quality directory or low quality site links (PR0, or n/a). Minimum PR1 and up, and from niche sites (industry related, hotel, travel etc.).
We will check and if we see few 10 or even 100 links from one source, we will immediately stop the cooperation. Link must be as:„In-bound link over-optimization is the single most common causes of a Google penalty. Poor SEO techniques such as aggressive link building using the same keywords in link anchor text often causes problems, especially where there has been a high link accrual rate and the website is relatively new.

When managing link building campaigns always vary the link text used and incorporate a variety of different keyword terms. Make sure you have a fair spread of back-links which use your official company name or your URL in them and that links are acquired not just to your website homepage.”
Whatever we forgot, work must be according to google rules.
If you use any of this techniques, or use automatic submission software, or your work is not according to google rules, you will not be paid.
Also we need report of submitted links and articles etc., every 10 days to review and check quality


reference list
report example that you usually send
sample of links
short explanation of used method
You could suggest a price for a job done, just specify what you will do for the amount, this or some other amount

Skills Required

Php Javascript Css Html Json


willing to work with you, i assure you will be satisfied with my work

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