Established active account on W*arrior F*orum

Established active account on W*arrior F*orum

Someone with an established forum account which is still in good standing. The user account must have been from someone who writes proper English. The posts on the account should not be written as if the user is a newbie.

If you have control over a user account with the above requirements, please send me a link to the user's profile page and tell me what the account was uses for previously.


- A forum user account from the W*arrior F*orum .*com
- The user should be at least 30 days old.
- The user should already have at least 50 forum posts (more than 200 would be best).
- The account should have been active with new posts within the past 60 days.
- The account must never have been banned or suspended.
- There should be no negative posts from other users about this user account.
- The account MUST have been posting using proper English with good grammar.

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