Virtual Assistant Services For Data Collection and Messaging

Virtual Assistant Services For Data Collection and Messaging

I need a reliable hard working virtual assistant, to do some web research, web scraping or data collecting, data entry into excel or google sheets, and submiting messages into website contact forms, with the text that I provide. no calling, no emailing. must be proficient in english language (understanding and speaking), using google searches and web research online, using excel or google sheets, and not be lazy or careless.
specifically, you will gather information from such web directories like , or, or, or Google searches itself.


Example tasks:
1) i will give you the specific web directory to go to, for example
2) go to and do some searches
3) go to each result and collect the website URL
4) go to each website URL, and collect other business information (company name, location, phone number, facebook page, etc...)
5) go to the Contact Form on each of these websites, and submit the message that I will give you to say (just copy paste and "submit")

Another example task:
1) go to , and i will give you a keyword/phrase to search
2) go down through the results and collect the websites links, from the Ads, Maps, and Top ranking websites
3) collect the information inside an excel/google sheet for each business/company, without any mistakes!

Another example task:
1) go to
2) make a search with the keywords I give you
3) collect the Channels that are in the results, which have the highest subscriber numbers
4) for each channel, go to the "About" and collect the email contact, and save in the sheet

these are some examples of the tasks you have to do, with no mistakes at all!

Skills Required

virtualassistant web webresearch messaging excel google


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