Internet Research Required for a Once Off Job

Internet Research Required for a Once Off Job

I need someone to gather the information (using the internet as possibly sending out some emails) to find out the State Law Enforcement Agency (e.g. State Police) and Attorney General details for each of the (50+) states in the US and also the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. The full list is available at - This is also a great place to start as these documents are published by the respective Attorneys General.

This is not a complex job but it takes a bit of time.

This is for a Data Breach Notification project that my business is putting together. The idea is to consolidate all the Regulators into a single directory for the purposes of Data Breach notification.

I will award this job based on prior similar work, your overall rating and price. (In that order)


For each US State and:

  • District of Columbia
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands
I require the following:

  • The Postal Address of the Attorney General
  • The Physical Address of the Attorney General
  • The Telephone Number of the Attorney General (for Notifiable Data Breaches)
  • The Fax Number of the Attorney General (for Notifiable Data Breaches)
  • The Email Address of the Attorney General (for Notifiable Data Breaches)
  • The Website of the Attorney General
I also require the following for each State Law Enforcement Agency:
  • Agency Name
  • Telephone number (for Data Breach Notification)
  • Fax Number (for Data Breach Notification)
  • Postal Address for the Agency
  • Main Physical Address for the Agency
  • Email Address (for Data Breach Notification)
I will provide a pre-defined excel spread sheet that will need to be populated with these details and then returned to me.
Additional Considerations:
Addresses will need to be correctly formatted according to US Postal Services specifications.
PO Box 992039
Allen, TX 99203)

Telephone Numbers will need to be uniform and formatted according to International dialing standards.
(e.g. +1 300 2223-0030)

Skills Required

Data Web Google Keyword Social


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i am interested in your job, here i have give a sample. confirm me do you want this type info

attorney general karl a. racine office of the attorney general for the district of columbia

  1. 441 4th street, nw,
  2. washington, dc 20001
  3. phone: (202) 727-3400
  4. fax: (202) 347-8922tty: (202) 727-3400
  5. email:

i am interested in your job.

i will gather the information into excel sheet from internet to find out the state law enforcement agency (as per your requirement) at very attractive price for only in 95$. fastest deliver. order me as much as you need. just order now.

hi, sp touch group

i've read your instructions and requirements and am confident to perform the job.

best regards!

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    hello dear,

    i just made an attempt to find the info you are looking for. i found for few like - for attorney general, district of columbia for attorney general of guam (phone +1 671-475-3324)

    but price need is $10 per state (trust, this is quite

    hello, i will help you collect the information from your provide website to excel sheet on your format.

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