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  • Japanease document, data typing
Needs to hire 2 Freelancers

We are looking for Japanease native writers(2) to transcript directly from PDF documents to Word.

The main goal for this project is to transcript correctly form PDF to Word with next work content.

No need to type page numbers and pillars.

No need to change the letter format(bold, etc)

Insert a blank space at the beginning of the paragraph.

Insert a new line for each paragraph.

For words with phonetics, surround the phonetics with ? and type immediately after the word. For example ????????B?????

Please replace the characters that couldn't be read by ?.

Please set page brake in word file according to page break of PDF.

Document Specification

Document size B5

Margin, Blank space 12.7 mm

Font size 12, MS ??

Project to be done for June 20th.


Level Required: 2+

Skills Required



$ lvl.
Japanease document, data typing
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