Expert Needed Database of Mysql system

Expert Needed Database of Mysql system

Database - MySQL ? Build a database for a system, using one of the social networks as model. The system will need to have users and informations about their posts. The users should have surname, name, day of birth, place of birth, email address, user name, short CV and picture. The users can become friends and needs to be on record. The users can post text, photos, title and date and hour for post. I need the ER for entities and relations, also the script for database. ? Define index – set index taking in consideration Full Text Index ? Create View – to obtain main information for user, name, surname, date and birthday place ? Stored Procedures – for deleting and creating, adding and modifying users ? Create de function to return the number of the friends for user I need this as mysql script.

Skill: Mysql

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Hi, this is just a school project will not be used anywhere. I just need the database. I need the ER for it and to contain what i was asking for, the entities and the relations between them. For user i need to have in table Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Address, User ID (which will be primary key), Resume and Photo. Those users can post and is need to keep track of text, photos, title of post, date and time, also the users can become friends and this needs to be on record.

Skills Required

Msql Database


i work on mysql on zoho platform you can contact me .but dont place bid

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