Search for the potential premium domain name buyer and send offers with discounted price

Search for the potential premium domain name buyer and send offers with discounted price

It is not possible to post job with some words so please read words in quotation marks backwards (from right to left) "rac" = "car".

Job description: aim is to sell premium domain name to a potential buyer, you'll need to search online for potential buyers (contact info) and send "liame" offers to potential buyers in order to find the one buyer for the premium domain name purchase.

This job is based on 20% sale commission of premium domain name sale price, but if no sale no commission.
Your 20% commission for $ 689 premium domain sale is $ 138, or for $ 449 premium domain sale is $ 90.

Premium domain names for sale:

In "liame" you'll offer from 54% to 70% discounted price, much less than listed on domain sale pages (, ...), only send "liame" to relevant potential buyer - NO bulk sending "liame" to random add res.

On already discounted $ 1,499 price on domain sale page and page only you exclusively will offer in "liame" additional discount from 54% to 70% - or bargain price of $ 689 (or $ 449) - for the right buyer that will be the great deal opportunity.

All domains are premium domain names, short 6 or 10 letters, 14-17 years old, there are only 26 single letter or domain names, comparing similar single letter or domain prices online it is obvious that the offer is a bargain.

In addition the premium domain name can be paid in 6 monthly rates but the buyer use the domain immediately after the first rate payment, will update the premium domain DNS to the buyer website hosting DNS and the buyer can publish his/her website online the same day, in practice the buyer can publish new website (or old) and during 6 months earn payment for the premium domain, and then
continue to earn in many years to come, after 6th rate payment will complete transfer of the premium domain to the buyer.

Potential buyers are auto and computer small or large businesses especially businesses which name starts with the letter like: Detroit Autos, Dallas Autos, Denmark Autos, Delhi Autos, Dragon Autos or any "D" name Autos is potential buyer for, same is for other domains.

Contacting a potential buyer by "liame" plan:

1. send to a potential buyer "liame" offering the domain name for $ 689 - 54% discount on $ 1,499 discounted price, payable in 6 monthly rates

2. after 2-3 days send reminder "liame" to the same potential buyer "liame" add res

3. after another 2-3 days send "liame" offering the domain name for $ 449 - 70% discount on $ 1,499 discounted price, payable in 6 monthly rates

You must follow above 3 steps, first to offer $ 689 discounted price, then to send reminder "liame" and 2-3 days after you can send $ 449 offer, it is also in your best interest because if the domain sell with higher price your 20% commission will be higher.

When you receive positive reply from potential buyer just contact me to update discounted price to $ 689 on sale page so that the buyer can make "Buy Now" purchase on sale page with 54% discounted price and with 6 monthly rates.

After the buyer made first rate payment I'll pay to you 20% commission, please note that I'll have to wait 7 days that release payment to my "lapyap".com account, the same day I receive payment from I'll send to you 20% commission. commission fee and "lapyap".com payment fee are my expense, your 20% commission for $ 689 sale is $ 138, or for $ 449 sale $ 90.

This job expires 15 or 30 days after start, after this job is ended there is additional 30 days period if the domain will be sold then you'll also get 20% commission, this additional 30 days period is for your security, if you contacted the potential buyer and he/she replied a week or two later then you'll still get 20% commission after the end of the job (up to 30 days) in case of domain sale.

In case of the domain name sale after the buyer purchase the domain name on I'll forward that info also to you and also change of owner/registrant will be evident on the domain name page, sale page and domain name whois data (

After the buyer's first payment namesilo will close the domain sale page, the domain will be off the market, as the domain name register will take care of complete procedure involving the domain sale, buyer monthly payments, DNS change and domain transfer to the buyer.

I'll provide "liame" template with some useful links for a potential buyer to web pages about importance and benefits of premium domain name. You can open new "liame" add res like " /" to send "liame" offers to a potential buyer "liame" add res.

I can send to you text file with all registered DOTCOM domains starting with specific letter ("D", "F"...) so you can extract domains related to autos or computers, visit related websites and contact potential buyers by "liame" or by submitting contact form. You can also search web, directories, "yellow pages" or other sites where potential buyers related to autos or computers can be found.

One person can get one premium domain to offer to a potential buyers, one premium domain will be promoted exclusively by one person/seller who gets 20% commission upon sale, you can say which domain you prefer to promote. Experienced domain name sellers have the advantage.

Those are premium domains at bargain price payable in 6 monthly rates which open large group of potential buyers, not only large businesses but also small businesses or even individuals can afford to pay for the premium domain name in 6 monthly rates, $ 689 divided with 180 days is $ 3,8 per day - or same cost as of a cup of coffee for two in Starbuck per day, but taste of premium domain benefits lasts for years!

If you think that you can find potential buyer for the premium domain name please contact me.


Experienced domain name sellers have the advantage.
Only send "liame" offers to relevant potential buyer - NO bulk sending "liame" to random add res.

Skills Required

Seller Research Leads



i will simply get you done the 25 backlinks ( which are there for certain months, depend on the policy of high-rank pr directories). it will be done by either directory submissions / social bookmarking.

get ready for the boosted traffic results within couple of days..!!

i do man

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