Find contact information for blogs on a specified subject

Find contact information for blogs on a specified subject

I'm looking to get more high-quality blogroll links for my sites, but don't want to just buy backlinks. I'm looking for someone to make it easier by looking for blogs on a subject I specify, checking to see if they already have a link to my site, and then finding either their email address or a link to their contact form. I'd like a list returned of the blog name and contact information. If I get good results I have many other sites that need the same thing.


For example, one of the sites I'm trying to get more links to is a cupcake forum that already has some blogroll links. So I'm looking for someone who will:

Find active cupcake blogs, that have posted about cupcakes within the last month.

See if the cupcake blog links to Cupcake Forum already.

If it does NOT have a link to Cupcake Forum, find the email address of the blog owner or the URL of their contact form.

Make a list of the blog URLs, and the email addresses or contact form URLs.

Here's an example: cupcakestakethecake at

Skills Required

data searchengine copypaste


i will do this. also i know very well that how to create blogroll links. also i have one food related well maintain blog.
when we discuss about this then i will negotiable cost if possible. fist i want to know wt types of work you want.
i m newby in seoclerks but i have 4 year+ exp in seo.

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