Playlist Curator List

Playlist Curator List


I am looking for someone to build me an accurate, up to date, organized list of S p o t i f y playlist curators matching ANY of following criteria, listed below. My goal is to pitch my music to these curators for inclusion on their playlists, in hopes of broadening my fanbase.


Jazz (all types except "smooth jazz"), Swing, Funk, Standards

Chill, Relax, Study, Concentrate, Dinner

Subscriber Count:
at least 500 subscribers

Contact Info required:
I need you to include an email address, Facebook profile and/or Twitter profile to the playlist's curator so I can reach out to them directly to pitch my song.

Based on my rough estimation this list should be at least 200-300 profiles long.

Skills Required

Dataentry Database


hq. i can give unlimited rate par 100 2$

hi,i'm experts at spotify,i know how to find your targeted genres and mood.i'll create a updated list with 500 subscribers and also collect their email,facebook,twitter so that you can directly connect with them..provide you all of information via excel sheet..if you have any questions feel free to ask me..

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