Get Paid To Add Products On My Magento Site

Get Paid To Add Products On My Magento Site

paying $2 per product added. In addition to the $2 you earn from adding the product, you will get paid $1.50 per 100 words. All content must be 100% unique. You may re-write factual information but the content must always be written in your own context. If you write 500+ words, I will pay you double which you'd earn $3 per 100 words.

Benefits -
No limit for the amount of products you add.
Easy to do work !
Get paid instantly the second you request.

Example of Content Rewritten Facts.

This is from a Product you were researching and rewriting a factual

[Powering the Crafty

A Lithium-ion battery and the one button control is how it runs and you turn it on with one push of the button and temperatures can reach within 30 seconds of 356° F Convection heating is what the Crafty uses, it will NEVER reach your materials to the point of combustion. It is called the Crafty cause it uses full hot air convection with a very little bit conduction heating to help produce vapor on the first draw.]]]]

This is an example of how to correctly re-write the above paragraph titled "Powering The Crafty"

Powering On The Crafty
Simply Press the power button and get ready! Crafty is going to vibrate when you turn on the Crafty Vaporizer. Once the Crafty reaches its desired temperature, it is going to vibrate once more to indicate you're ready, it is time to vape with the best portable smart vaporizer in the world. Once the Crafty vibrates reaching the set temperature, the LED light is going to turn green and your device is ready to use.

------------------------ Example #2 ----------------

Atmos Jump Design

The Atmos Jump is made in a unique design as it was constructed with powerful carbon fiber housing which is much safer than steel as you won't ever risk getting any types of burns or the outside of the vaporizer to ever get hot. It is very small as it is only 5.75" tall and is .68 inches in diameter. It is a Herb pen vaporizer that has never been seen before and is one of the top selling vaporizers Atmos Sells. The easy access mouthpiece is wide enough for the user to receive a strong amount of vapor density really quick and is made of rubber heat safe materials and at the bottom you'll find a stainless steel screen filter to prevent the user from inhaling any debris while vaping. The Atmos Jump is a simple and small design and can fit into anyones pocket or purse for easy, on-the-go design and a strong feel since it is the most unique built exterior as the engineers over at Atmos have successful made a powerful vaporizer out of carbon fiber.

Example of a proper re-written quality content segment that's high quality content re-write work.

Atmos Jump Design

The outside design is made out of carbon fiber material which will prevent any type of heat from being exposed to by the consumer which makes it a safe vape pen. The pen is only 5.8” tall and .68” in diameter which is a very small and compact size. This vaporizer is very strong with flexi-bend technology to move with the fall or bend to where it won’t damage any part of the vaporizer at all. The Atmos Jump power button is shaped like the letter A which stands for Atmos. The mouthpiece twists off very easily and has a perfect amount of airflow to get the most optimal vapor performance.

If you're good at doing this type of work, you can make a great amount of money. I will guide you on exactly how to do this job.

Placing the $10 Bid is for 1 525 word product content for any specific type of vaporizer I tell you to do. I'd like someone to be able to msg me and tell me they can add hundreds but it doesn't seem to be the case.

You will get backend login details as well.


  • Must Know How To Add Products Using Magento
  • Must Have Previous Magento Experience
  • Must Fill out the Additional info on the Tabs
  • Must Search youtube for the products video and copy/paste the embed code to do it.
  • Must search for the product pictures, download / rename the filename to the product name and 2 - 3 words or more describing what you see in the picture or what features the product has
  • All Articles Must be 100% Written content.
  • The same facts you research and find online is not duplicated when you re-write the content in your own 100% content.

By Being awarded this job, you agree you understand that I have the right to cancel and reject your work if it does not follow my quality standard guidelines.

Skills Required

Magento Articles Articlesreview Articlereview Imagecorrectin Product Productreviews Ecommerce Php Sql Javs Python Ruby Seo Article Blog Post Information Research Development


we are team of people, we can add products and write different descriptions of products.
3 years of experience with magento, front end development.
we accept your terms, we work on many magento projects wordwide, order us now!

we are team of people, we can add products and write different descriptions of products.
3 years of experience with magento, front end development.
we accept your terms, we work on many magento projects wordwide, order us now!

please let me know details

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100% unique and well documented as per specification, for product content of 525 words

have a wonderful day.

i will add 200 words based product every time you will provide me the vapor name.
the vapor name details will be find out from google search and also from you tube video.i will write uniquely and i will give you per magento product list successfull. i have previous expereince about magento product add. seo clerk ord

i can write 1525 words and can also add 100 products but not all at once... we can discuss
i have exp with magento opencart and woo commerce.

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