Need 70 Sign Ups or Download & Install From USA.

Need 70 Sign Ups or Download & Install From USA.

I need someone to simply signup or Download and install some applications, depends on what suites you. This is very easy to do, For the sign ups, simply input "EMAILS" real emails plus your real information. You don't need to put your own information, best if you have some CONTACT list with REAL DETALS such as:

  • NAME
  • PHONE #:

Only people from USA can do this JOB. However you must use different IP address from different signup offers. Don't worry sign ups were free and easy. For the Download type, all you need to do is download and install an application. You can redownload and install it everytime you change USA IP.. Clear Cookies and your good to go. I prefer person who can work for a long time with me. post your offer and will give you details. You can work on this on your free time you can deliver it up to 3 days. Will post soon MONTHLY basis task. THIS IS A VERY EASY TO DO JOB as an 9 y/o kid can do.


  • Must be residing IN USA.
  • With Contact List (advantage if you have a YELLOW page book.)
  • Different Ip address
  • Flexible Time
  • I will need some proofs (List of Ip Address in Completing some offers)

Skills Required

Advertising Promoting Signups Developing


hi, pm me so we can arrange details, all real usa people. here is their ip adress from past jobs:

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