I Need New Topic Questions on My Xbox Forum!

I Need New Topic Questions on My Xbox Forum!

I need new members to sign up to my forum and ask questions in any of the forums in the "XLF Discussions" Category. The topics must be at least 3 sentences long and have good spelling and most of all, Not be copied!

Im not wanting questions like "What is your best game?", im wanting a 10 specific questions (1 per new topic) some like "How do i get past the last level in..? sort of questions.


- Must complete profile, add avatar, etc..
- Can add signature link if you want.

No copied content
No spam
Many repeat orders if i am impressed.

Skills Required

Writing Grammar Spelling English Posting Writer Lawriter Poster Forum Seo Clerks Seoclerks


i will post 30 threads in your forum for 3$.
i think you will be pleased to get my service.
thank you

i will create 15 threads

quality post ready to be placed on your forum to get it back and active.

will provide you a very quality relevant thread you need for your forum.

my price is high because i will provide a back story to the question. for example, for each question i will add something such as "the problem occurred when i was loading call of duty. i'm not sure if it was a disc issue, or a software issue, but my xbox was in an upright position when it happened."

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