THOUSANDS of votes on a project

THOUSANDS of votes on a project

I need thousands of votes on a project, i didnt know what limit to set because im not sure about the amount yet.

Its a project that needs votes on a website.. the way you vote is to make a quick account on the site with an email address and name.. then you log into your email and press confirm on the link,, and then you can vote.. you are allowed 15 votes per account , but only one per day.. since the voting is only open for a week, lets ust say you can do 7 votes per account in 7 days.

Another way you can vote is signing in through facebook, everything needs to appear canadian so you would have to have canadian facebook accounts to vote.. or if you have email accounts then they can be canadian or USA..

We estimate that we will need 32,000 votes split up into two rounds.. 11,000 on round one starting october 22nd and you have 7 days to complete,, and then we need another 9,000 approx in mid october...

also in the semi final we will need alot of votes as well, estimated 12,000

If you can supply even half of these i could split up the job to more than one person as well... please dont bid if you can only supply less than 5,000 votes...



must be able to have alot of email accounts or alot of canadian facebook accounts.. must be able to change IP or VPNs and explain how you do this so it doesnt look like all the same computer.



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