I need 70 posts on my forum

I need 70 posts on my forum

I need someone to make 70 posts on my forum for $3. I am looking for two people to complete this offer.


Need to be able to make quality posts and be on topic at all times. Need to be at least 2 setences.

Skills Required

poster forum post posting


just order me and give me your instructions that i complete my job
i will give you 70 post your forum

i will post on your forum.

i willpost 70 posts on your forums

i can give 70 posts on your forum

i can do it.

i can do this work.

i will make 100 post on your forum for $5.

i will give you 70 posts only for 1$ but time will be 5 days. if you agree with me then you can give me the work.

your regards

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