I want 10 Posts on My Xbox Forum!

I want 10 Posts on My Xbox Forum!

I am looking to buy 10 Posts on my Xbox Forum from a few different members here. I have set this to "10 Days To Complete", this means you can do 1 Post Per Day, or them all at once, its up to you. Please reply below with your bid if you want to post on for amount of cash i have offered.


You posts on my forum must Not contain any links and be at least 3 sentences long. Posts must be made in any of the following categories on my forum ..

- XLF Reviews & Achievement Lists
- XLF Discussions

If you already have an account on my forum, then please use that same account to make the posts, if not, that is fine please just sign up. Thanks!

I would also like you to add an avatar to to your profile and fill out the fields "Fav Game?", "Worst Game?", etc..

Skills Required

forum posting commenting spelling grammar articles seoclerks clerks writing text forums activity


i would gladly do this. i can easily do 1 post per day for 10 days. and i'll sign up to your forum and complete profile, avatar, etc.

i have excellent spelling and grammar, and i can submit all 10 posts within a couple of days to space them out.

different account will be within 1 days...

i am able to make 10 high quality manual posts on your forum for $2. i already have an account over at your forum so i would continue on that one.



i will write 10 posts in your forum for $2 only. please ask if you have any questions.

thank you

send me the details

hello sir,
i will post 10 quality post for 10 $

thank you

i will post 10 post in your fourm in 10 day it very much easy

i will post 30 post just for 2 dollar

if you give me the job i will do it properly. my rate is 1$ so please give me the job . i will do it honestly.

sir i can give you 10 posts only for 1$ and only for 1 day. please sir give me the work. i want to work with you as a long time, please sir believe me.

your regards

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