Forum posting for the website on Forex niche

Forum posting for the website on Forex niche

Good day!
I need a specialist for continuous posting on the Forex forums in English.
I will provide the list of the forums.
The format of the job: you should sign up on the forums, fill the profile, publish at least 5 useful posts in any thread, then publish 1 post with link, depending on the context.
The cost of the work may be discussed, I will consider all your proposals.
For the candidates a test task will be offered. All the test tasks will be paid after the receiving the report from you.
I would like to continue the collaboration with chosen performer. I hope the collaboration will be continuous and mutually beneficial.
Reply to the project, I will consider your candidacies.
Thank you in advance for your responses.


Recommendations about posting on forums
Registration on forums is necessary.
Links should not be posted within the first two days following registration.
Add an avatar to the profile if this option is available.
Use a suitable nickname on forum.
Do not post a message with a link until you have written 5-10 non-advertisement posts from this account.
Do not post to 1 topic from 2 different accounts with the same IP.
Do not post very short advertisement messages.
Mentioning of competitors in your posts is permitted if it is relevant to the thread topic.
Creating new threads is not necessary; you can post in existing threads.
Think about possible scenarios and your possible answers to the comments of the other people.
Publish relevant, useful and interesting messages. Remember that the forums are made for people and all the messages you post will be read by people!
Use the “destination pages” table in link-building process.

Skills Required



i will give you 50+ forum posting for the website on forex niche
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