I Want 100 New Topics On My Xbox Forum!

I Want 100 New Topics On My Xbox Forum!

I am looking for 100 New Topics to be created on my Xbox Forum... (


I am looking for Unique (not copied) posts and No posting in the off-topic category & no posting of links. I would also like you to fill out your profile info such as Avatar, Fav Game, Worst Game, etc.. If you are already a member of my forum, use the same account, Dont create a new one. Thanks, Sean!

Skills Required

Posting Articles Writing Forums Grammar


i'll make 100 quality posts.

i will write 100 posts on your forum, all will be unique and well written.

i will open 100 topics about xbox without links or posting in off-topic forum. i don't know how many days it will last (depends on the community) but at least it will be legit.

Created 8 years ago in Forum Posts

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