Create and Install 100 WP Sites on MY VPS

Create and Install 100 WP Sites on MY VPS

Looking for installation of 100 WP sites on my VPS, will require each domain to have its own whm and email account set up for admin to be forwarded to an account I will provide you later.
I will provide you with a list of plugins that I will require to be installed and activated. They are mostly security and spam plugins, Don't need to be hacked prior to kicking off. I will provide license for those that are not public.
Will require to activate WP QuickStart which will clean out all of the WP posts etc.
Will provide theme to be upload and installed.
Require a spreadsheet listing by domain all login and related user and database information.


1. Create WHM for each domain
2. Track and provide WHM access information by domain on spreadsheet.
3. Install domain.
4. Activate WP
5. Install and activate list of WP Plugins
6. Install theme.
7. Clean out WP auto-installed posts and comments.
8. Create new user for admin
9. Create user for not an admin so website may be worked on
10. Delete WP created Admin user
11. Provide spreadsheet that has all user and database logins and any other necessary admin information.
12. Provide daily update
13. Be able and available to skype to discuss problems.
14. Knowledge of WPTwin
15. Establish three webbased email for each domain

Skills Required

Neccessoryprog Wp Wptwin


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