Play and Blog about our New Free Android App

Play and Blog about our New Free Android App

Play our new game, then write a Blog Article about our New Android App!

Split Arrow Studios, LLC is a very small game development company (3 lifelong friends) comprised solely of gamers. We welcome any and all feedback and take gameplay issues (bugs) very seriously.

The first version of our first Android Game (app) has just been released. We are looking to get the word out about it! We are hoping to get some people downloading the game so we can get feedback (good and bad) so we know what people like and where we need to improve.

We are currently on the Android Store here:

We are also on the Amazon Kindle Store here:

We are not yet on Iphone/Ipad or Windows 8 (but we will be once we get some good feedback on the game). We have the game developed and ready to deploy on these platforms, but these stores take 1-2 weeks for "updates" and we want to get any bugs out first (Android is 1-2 hours).


Download, play the game and give us honest feedback (good or bad) regarding the game. Then write a blog entry about our new game with your honest feedback. Make sure to include links to our app and mention the game name and gaming studio! (Note that our website is still under construction as we have been focusing on the game; however, our leader boards are working)!

We would prefer blogs that have 5,000+ unique visitors a day and relate to Gaming, Android, Apps, etc; however, we are very flexible, so if you aren't sure just contact us!

Skills Required

Blogg Blogging


im able to blog and review your appstore android game.

im also able to generate multiple downloads, 5 star ratings and positivs feedbacks from different kind of realistic users.

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