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  • Banner Advertising Script
Hello. I want to order a banner advertising script which should be compatible with cryptocurrencies.
I'm going to open my own crpytocurrency to internet marketing, that's why my first plan is creating an advertising website which will work with my currency. Purchases and withdrawals will be with my own cryptucurrency.

It should be script with following requirements:


* Should be a standard banner advertising script with campaigns.
Example site :
* Works with a cryptocurrency connects to a external host and create deposit addresses via RPC calls for campaign based.
* Site should make auto payments after admin approval.

**Still Searching a Coder**

Thats all i need.
Level Required: 2+

Skills Required

Advertising Advertisement Coding Php


$ lvl.
cryptocurrency wallet and website design
i will give you complete solution for cryptocurrency to start ,we building the bitcoin wallet also,the we help you to build the
exchange.we help you to build your your currency plug in,trading platform and currency circulation,dealing with me help you to setup your business idea.
for now i am offering bitcoin wallet in $900.i can show y

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Cryptocurrency wallet and web development
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Banner exchange script
Hi sir,

i can make an custom script for banner exchange.
with implents for cryptocurrencies.

im ready for your order

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$300 3 order now!
I can give you html banner script
Please hire me
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  • Affansaeed99

    Hi Sir i am student of marketing kindly order me ill be very thnak full to you.

    9 months ago