2 Customize Youtube Banners

2 Customize Youtube Banners

I would like a customed designer youtube banner. The youtube size requirement has changed. I want the resolution 300 pixels. I have a link that might be helpful- (YouTube Channel Art Tips - MiniMatters › FeaturedApr 20, 2015 - Your starting point for your YouTube Channel art is the optimal banner image size of 2560 x 1440 pixels. That's a large image file, and you may not have an appropriate image that is big enough at your disposal.)
There are a few of styles I would like. I would tiles with his pict on every tile. Any style you can come up with that has serveral picts of the pastor on it. I would like to see your samples.
This banner pict with the red & blue & green picts I did myself and its working on another youtube page. But since you tube changed its measurements its to hard for me. I don't want just a plain banner. I would like to see different designs..Now these picts I tried working on but was very unsuccessful.Now all these picts are given to help you come up with a design that is easy for you. I would like to have the logo showing on a pict. The pict with the pastor showing with the logo is a favorite and would good also. I would like to see more than 1 person designs to select from.


The requirements firstly would be plain and simple geometery(youtube new measurements). Secondly someone who has been already doing youtube banners and good at the new measurements. You can use photoshop templates, after effect templates. You might have your own special templates. You can use youtube templates. Writing his name across the banner is good and especially if you can do it or find it in 3-d( Pastor Robert McBee) I do have it(his name) in 3-d if you want to use one of his names I created in 3-d. Another requirement would be the natural God given talent to create and design or the ability to copy a great design. You might also need a good snack and some good music like pandora or spotify while you work.

Skills Required

Photoshop Afterefects Templates


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