Must be completed in 15 days       This listing has ended.       Willing to pay a maximum of $50
  • I need Banner Advertisers for my blog
I want someone to place his ad on my site

Features of

  • ALEXA rank under 30k and improving daily
  • DA 32
  • Daily 2k+ Visits
  • Site's Estimated worth 30k+$
  • Blogging Seo, Online Earning Niche

Your work is to find an advertiser for any slot of our site. This project is open for 5 bidders.

I will pay you 30% of the ad unit. Its a great chance for you to make some commissions. I can do all this myself too but I don't have time to search for advertisers and I also don't know where to find them.


I will pay you once I receive the payment from advertiser.

Skills Required



$ lvl.
5k tweets about ur site for
I have 20k followers and i will tweet about ur site 5k times for 45! ! message me before purchasing if u secide to try mine
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$45 1 order now!


  • cashu

    I can helping on this. I have more than 500k visitors now. I can advertise your 468x60 or 125x125 banners size.


    4 years ago
  • iftiseo

    I guess you misread it. I need advertisers, I am not looking for sites to put my ads. I want people/sites to put ads on my blog.

    4 years ago