I need producer that can master songs

I need producer that can master songs

I need producer to master the track, basically I send audio and and beat you need to make it sound good with beat to match the beat master it remix it. To make it sound good. It's rap hi hop song. Basically I will send you my audio recording words of rap you need to put it with beat I send and match it and master and mix it until it's sound awesome great hit. Thanks


Master track, edit track, remix track, make hip hop song

Skills Required

Music Sound Track Remix Hiphop


producer/artist to artist, good and high quality mix and mastering, by pro tools.
rap & hiphop specialist ;) ¡order now!

when you send us your audio for mastering, your tracks will be analyzed by an experienced engineer. after we get an overall impression of the existing sound balance, your song is then professionally mastered using an appropriate chain of top drawer analog and digital equipment. (will mix and master the track)

turnaround time for single song mast

hey, yolo885!

i go by the rap name "arakari goremask". i'm both a producer, as well as an audio engineer (and an avid rapper). i've been working on mixing and mastering software(s) for around 3 years. i'm fluent with adobe audition and izotope alloy 2. if you'd like me to (mix?) and master your track, let me know, and i'd be glad to he

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