Get my song ito number ONE on this music site

Get my song ito number ONE on this music site

We have this top Bollywood hip hop music song on beat100 music site.

I need loads more votes to get the song where it deserves to be.

Buying votes etc... is allowed by the site.

I just need someone to do whatever they can to get my song to be number one.

Heres the song and vote button:

So if you like the song and want to support please vote yourself and make a bid.

To get in top 5 needs more votes, see the site, see if you think you can manage it,

heres the chart where it needs to win:

RnB charts.

Top video has about 780 votes at the moment.

You have SIX days (from posting this job) to get me about triple the number of votes I have at the moment (about 470) to be on safe side.

At the mo im at number 10!


some kind of system or contacts to generate votes

Skills Required

Voting Social Contacts Music


No bids made yet - be the first!

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