Legal Document Fiormatting

Legal Document Fiormatting

I need someone to spend about three or four hours to combine my legal microsoft word documents. and make sure the formatting is okay. I am rebutting eight sections, so I need someone to take the text from each of the eight documents, and then put them together into one document, and make sure eh formatting is okay. Each


I need you to fix the formatting of three documents.

I am on my way to court, and the begining of my document has the

(General introduction); this is followed by six sections.

Please make the formatting the same in the three sections.

Document 1 = (intro + section 1; => please delete the rest).
Document 2 = (section 2, please make it look like section one)
Document 3 = (section 3 , please make it look like sections one and two.

Dont worry about the entire document for each one, please just the sections.. the first attached document is Document 1.

Thank you kindly,

(Thanks so much, the doucments overlap.. I am writing a rebuttal to six concerns of the medical board, and I am breaking down my reply by section, and I need the formatting of the three documents to be similar.

If you use the track changes, feature in word that would be wonderful, but you do not have to.

Skills Required

Microsoft Word Microsoftword Documents Formatting


i am happy to work with you.

i will format your documents for you for $30. not only that, i will also fix any spelling errors that there might be in the documents. i will also be online for real-time updates just in case i need you to explain anything. i have over 5 years of experience in lecturing and working using microsoft office packages. hope you accept my bid. thanks.

i will do this job perfectly for ur price.

i will do your job as your need, and deliver on time.
as well as, i will check for grammar errors, and if you need the plagiarism test also

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